Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Wedding Vows (Valentine's Day Special)

So in my absence a lot has happened. I got married to the love of my life and we're moving to Colorado in a few weeks! With tomorrow being Valentine's Day (and my Valentine's birthday) I thought I would share with you the only piece I've written in a long time, except for my small series of TypeWriter Poems that I may post online someday.

Please enjoy.

I put a lot of pressure on myself, at first, to create zealous poetry out of our affection.  But what I became aware of after writing my vows about 50 times in my head is that is our love is simple—not in the unsophisticated or ordinary meaning, but in the sense that our love is so true that it’s now uncomplicated.  The first two years were anything but simple and I’m thankful for those tough points in our history because it was getting through them, along with all the awesome moments in the last five years, that shows me we’re meant to be together.   We’ve been into and out of so many ups and downs already: from that building that, literally, fell on us to the 2010 World Cup; from happy Jackson surprises to frustrating circumstances, from skating through the streets of Brooklyn to quiet nights drinking wine at home. Which is why I know that life can hit us with all it’s got and we’ll keep on supporting each other’s dreams, we’ll never stop trying to make each other laugh, and we’ll always find new ways to comfort one another. Saying you are my best friend is an understatement; you are more than my partner, lover, collaborator, and teammate, you’re more than my soul mate.  The only word I can think of to signify what you are to me is perfect. You are so wise yet wonderfully silly, you’re so genuine even if it gets you in trouble, and you’re beyond amazing as a father and provider. You are my match, my other half. You are my Yahtzee. I won’t start on how happy I am about spending the rest of my life with you because then we’d be here into the night, but I will say that I’m grateful for our simple love because it’s in the way we breathe, the way we eat, and sleep, our love is simple because we let it wrap around our little family and we know that no matter how complicated life can get our love for each other will always get us through.