Monday, June 7, 2010

Then she bleeds

What it is,

Is beauty

And the na, na, na.

These girls,

They’re pure

And painful.

Playing the cords

Of their hearts.

They sing good morning

And I say thank you.

They shoo away the ache

In my head

And the na, na, na.

You took me

And if you don’t stop

I won’t stop

The way I love

Because I like the way I am.

If you don’t take me, you will

Break me

Lose me.

Somehow I just

Lost the way I am.

I feel my heart--

The strumming of strings

So steady it hurts

Then she bleeds.

When will the beat

Gain strength?

Then it hits

A point of real, real

Real as the smoke in the air.

Can’t give up

What I’ve learned

Or the na, na, na.

I’ll be a stronger

Faster, fiercer, better

Me, even if only an image

Of real, real, real.

Just because I care

doesn’t mean I’m

cracked, cracked, cracked.

Or does it?