Friday, February 19, 2010

Water Jump Shot Burger Love

If some consider life a game
then what sport is it?

with it's jump-shot opportunities?
It's not football
because we can't change a play
after reviewing it,
we can only learn from it.
It might be soccer
because sometimes we're alone
protecting our goal.
Tennis has the term love
to explain when the opponents
are zero zero.
So, why is that the opposite in the game of life?

Wouldn't it be great if life
came with water breaks
or towel boys
or with fans who still root
for you even when you strike out?

Remember when the coach took you out
for pizza or a burger after a game
even if you lost?

Maybe life isn't a sport.
Maybe it's exercising
or running your own marathon
hoping to find a partner
to keep the pace with.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sleep wake iron bus desire

If you're in love and you fall asleep in an empty bed, sometimes you'll hold the pillow as if it's your lover. You'll watch the numbers on the clock, wait for them to change.

When you wake up and the one you love is not with you, you may panic right away and reach out across the cold bed.

If you’re in love and you sleep in a bed with your lover, you will feel the warmth of their skin on your fingertips.

When you wake up and the one you love is next to you, you won’t even have to ask them to pull you closer.

Most mornings, you'll know you have a bus to catch so you’ll pick out your clothes and let the iron heat. Cozy in bed, they’ll beckon you with their eyes to come back. The room will fill with desire and you’ll unplug the iron as they lift the covers back.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Begin jump lust kiss cab

When things begin, the road ahead

is open.

You can’t even read the signs:





Sometimes you turn left

when you meant to take a right

Sometimes you run that red light

and get pulled over.

But now you’ve traveled this road

you know where the curve gets sharper

where you can take a short cut and jump ahead

but then out of no where

you’ve ran over a nail and slowly

your tire is losing air without you knowing.

You can be driving along

looking in the rearview mirror

or looking at the broken white lines ahead.

You have lust on your mind:

that long blonde-haired girl

or that guy with crystal blue eyes

then you feel the road kissing your tire rims.

So you pull over and sit for a while.

The sun is setting so you take it in.

You eat that left over sandwich then you call a cab.

It comes and you remember

that this journey isn’t supposed to be

what you expect but

you get there finally and you ring the doorbell.

You wait.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great News!

I just received notice from Imitation Fruit and Language and Culture online magazines that my pieces Scrabble (or Nietzsche) and On Their Skin will be published in their next issues. I'll send out another notice when the pieces are officially up. I'm waiting to hear back from 2 other magazines about pieces I submitted for money and publication. Keep your fingers crossed for me.