Monday, November 23, 2009

My first REPUBLIC curatorial project: Way of the Word was a success!

Success! REPUBLIC wants to thank everyone who came out to B.O.A. in the East Village on Wednesday Nov. 11th for our first Way Of The Word poetry event. Curated by Marissa Forbes, in support of the READ literacy foundation.

It was a remarkable night beginning with an interactive gallery hour featuring work by Edward Hopely, Jason K Tallon, Brian Van Remmen and a journal by Robert Snyderman that documented his journey across America.

Once in full swing, the evening transitioned into one uniquely memorable reading after the other by poets Aldrin Valdez, Khephran Riddick, Peter Ford, Davey Vacek, Katie Przybylski, Lonely Christopher, Robert Snyderman, Marissa Forbes, Brian Van Remmen, and Jason K Tallon.

REPUBLIC wants to thank all of the readers and participants, especially the jazz group Me & Him and DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen for keeping the good vibes rolling on late into the night.

We also want to thank the READ foundation and Bar On A for their time and efforts.

Way Of The Word anthology Vol.1 Edition 1, which includes work by the poets from the event along with many others from around the nation is still available for purchase.

To purchase limited edition copies of Way Of The Word Vol.1 Edition 1 please contact Marissa Forbes at or call 443. 528. 6761 for more information. The anthology will also be available soon

Thanks again and stay tuned for upcoming events and future REPUBLIC projects or leave comments and questions by adding yourself to our mailing list. Simply write

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The next day

It's like an itch in your nose when you need to sneeze and someone says, "Bless you" at the last second, ruining it. Then you're sitting with a glass of whiskey and ginger, next to a good looking guy and you shoot snot all over his shoes. Wishing your knees weren't soaking up the $6 drink.

But what happens is, the guy sees you in a real moment and strangely all he wants to do is kiss you and wake up the next morning in your bed. Even if you don't touch each other's centers, he wants to see how pretty you look when the sun rises on your face.

He tell you, "Hello beautiful" and you know you'll fall in love when he makes your perfect eggs (with cheese). After coffee and cigarettes, he tells you how your face looks like it's been kissed by angels--with all the make-up worn away your freckles shine through.

There's nothing to hide. Then you make love and there's nothing more or less to hope for, except the thought of seeing him the next day....

the next
the next
the next.