Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ignoring verses Ignorance

What doesn't bend, breaks.
I'm malleable like a flower
and you may think
you're sturdy like a tree
but life will cut you down.
I'll always rise through
the soil again in the spring.

You can laugh all you want,
I'll always bite my lip.
We're meant to
bleed, scab, heal
and bleed again.
Scars are not the joke,
you are.

My being is meant
for thoughts
and love making,
you're one to fight
and fuck
then fight again.

I'll pick the ripe grapes
off of my vine
to make sweet wine
while your delusion
envelops you
like a rotten pumpkin
with seeds destroying it's own soil.

I carry heavy anger for you,
so much so that I would forgive
those few I hate
just to make room for you.
But I'm not for that misery,
I would never, ever
want to keep your company.

I said it before
it even had a place to live:
Ignoring is harder to pull off
than ignorance.
So I'll keep my integrity
and you can sink down
in your stupidity.

And now I'm over it.


Anonymous said...

I am liking your words, you.How you have woven this ignoring verses ignorance.Strong images within.

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