Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Better Balance

There once was a little girl, made of flowers and princess dreams. She would fall asleep in toy boxes and cry when she fell off her bike.

Then she was just a girl, made of mud and crushes on boys. She would play with barbies when she was alone and win all the races at the playground.

She grew into a young woman, made of steel and words spoken straight from the heart. She would smoke pot every day and study books until her eyes were sore.

Slowly, as she became just a woman, made of delicate paper and deafening mistakes. She would crumble under pressure and scream at her small weaknesses for days.

But then one day, she looked in the mirror and realized she still had the eyes of a little girl. She said to herself, "Let's put it all back together again. Let's see what kind of flowers that mud can grow now, what kind of ideas can be written out on paper to build a stronger, fiercer steel machine of a woman finding her way to a better balance."


matt at shadow of iris said...

This is excellent.

Hasnain Dill said...

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