Saturday, May 2, 2009

Part 3 of the Short Film Script


JOAN: It’s just such a pleasure to meet you Alice. You’ll settle in no time.

They walk down the hallway—as they pass certain rooms, yelling and crying can be heard from inside. Jackie, a girl with a shaved head and bandages on her arms runs into the hall and tackles Alice. The men who were following her catch up and yank her off of Alice.

JACKIE (yelling): This is hell, no one gets out!

She kicks and screams until she is no longer seen or heard.

JOAN: That poor girl there, lost her dad in Vietnam and her mom killed her self just because.


Alice sits on her bed with her dress laid out next to her. She cries and touches the faded bruises on her face and arms. Jackie sits on the bed across from her. Alice stares at Jackie’s wrapped wrists and rubs her own. Jackie stands and snatches up the dress and Alice jumps to try and get it back.

JACKIE: You better hide things like this. They won’t stay nice for very long.

Jackie gives it back and Alice hides it under her bed in a trunk.

ALICE: I won’t be here for long.

JACKIE: Yeah, okay. All those hippie foster care parents don’t like the pathetic ones.

Jackie pokes the bruise on Alice’s neck and walks away.


Alice sits alone at a table while the other girls dance and sing along with Blondie songs. She looks over to the television screen to see the ball drop into 1980. Jackie walks in front of the TV and lifts her skirt at the screen.

JACKIE: Fuck the ‘70’s.


Alice opens the trunk and lifts her dress. She holds it up and it’s been cut with a pocketknife. As tears stream down her face she counts twenty-seven.


Alice walks into the home economic office holding the tattered dress. She goes to a COUNSELOR who gives her a long hug.

ALICE: Can I get white thread and a needle?

COUNSELOR: Of course, but you need to find someone to supervise.

Alice looks around the room. Her eyes stop at a pretty woman, SHEILA, who appears to be a churchgoer with manicured nails. Alice points to her.


The woman notices Alice pointing at her.

COUNSELOR: She’s not volunteering Alice. She’s here to meet with a few girls.

ALICE: Well, why can’t she meet with me?

Alice walks to Sheila and extends her hand. They shake slowly.

ALICE: Hello there, I’m Alice and I need to have supervision while I sew. Would you want to join me?

Sheila looks around, as if she’s looking for someone to answer for her. Alice points to the counselor.

ALICE: It’s okay, that counselor knows where to find you.


Alice and Sheila sit on the bed, facing each other, mending the holes in the dress.

ALICE: Nope, haven’t talked to her since I’ve been here.

SHEILA: What if she came for you?

ALICE: I would want her to be a good mom.


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