Monday, March 9, 2009

Post-it note poetry 2

Fishy Thoughts

Apples fall--
red, ripe, and ready to eat.
I wish to feast on the cores
in a palace by the sea.
I'm left alone with the worm
and suddenly I wish
I were a fish
swimming endless circles
in the blue dish--
thinking only of the bait
that got me there.

Post-it note poetry 1

Waking Numbness

I toss false wishes
down the well
and wait for an echo
like there is no hope
for a sunny tomorrow.

I wake up
and there's no way to cope
with the words long gone
and lost from my mind.
I relish my dreams,
confuse them for memories
that scramble, fall, and scatter
across my pillow
then down to my toes--
curled under the blanket.

Like my fingertips
resting off the edge
of the bed,
I am numb.