Saturday, January 31, 2009

untitled, found from 2005

Hitch a ride with any guide
as long as he goes fast.

I seek
new disasters
with you every day.

Nobody cares.

Every body wears
my sheep's clothes

but not as well--

their tints are too far off.

I opened my eyes
while we kissed


and you looked so sincere,

like a dog at my feet
during dinner.

My love for hope

made it's way--

a downward slope.

Does your hunger hurt?

I'm starving and surviving.

Not feeling too good

but I'm feeling a void--

filling is over-rated.

My pretty palm
holds your distaste
for, for, for...


Where's my generations Billy Holiday?

Make the river hear my pleas,

didn't mean to break your heart.
You ruined my day.

Stay river,
don't rise, river.

Sorry won't roll off the table,

so push in the chair.

You took off
your glasses
when we fought

so not to see me
see you


You were a silly
past time,
always good for a rhyme
but we went
way past
our prime,
even when
signs said stop.

It ended, it's bad
but I never stopped

loving where it started.

What's the difference


and wrong?



My eyes watch
the shadows
on cracked sidewalks--

He's been yellow.

I feel pretty blue.
All I see is

red, red, red, red, red.


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