Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrabble (Or Nietzsche)

Nietzsche is my favorite scrabble opponent because he believes all words are lies and I get to watch him compromise in order to win. On Sunday, it's snowing--the kind that's too light and fluffy for snowball fights--and there aren't any good football games on TV so Friedrich and I play scrabble.

He places HUMAN on the board (28 points) then I spell NATURE off the A (7 points) and then he moves letters, one at a time, under the "H" to spell HABIT. I asked him about the difference between human nature and human habit. He says, "13 points." I think I gain the lead with TRUST on the double word score, except two rounds later he places M-I-S in front with the M covering the triple word score (30 points).

As he spills coffee on the dog's head and rants about words being merely signs that point to things I spell DEPEND vertically (14 points). Friedrich laughs, writes down my score and says, "Wouldn't have figured you for one of the herd." I raise my eyebrow as he makes his next bold move: I-N in front of my DEPEND and E-N-T after (15 points).

"In order to know what it is, I guess you have to know what it's not," I mumble. After several minutes of rearranging the letters in my mind, I finally see it. Using his T, I complete my last word: METAPHOR. I get an extra 50 points because I use all of my letters, so I'm out of my seat laughing and dancing.

He says, "You win. But I still mistrust the source of truthfulness." My lips curl into an even bigger smile and I say, "That's fine because one who finds virtue also laughs at it."


Anonymous said...

This is phenomenal! I love it. The depth is just amazing. Congrats and keep writing.

&e -

Jay said...

I can't believe I was never shown this one, I love it!

Rich said...

Sweet allegory. Let's get married.