Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bankrupt: Paying Dues to the Muse

Bankrupt: Paying Dues to the Muse
*This is a poem I wrote in an old check book. I put some pictures in so you can get the idea of the layout and concept.

Pay to the order of: Interruptions, for the muse.
Interruptions become wealthy, with and always, because of the muse.

Pay to the order of: The crow, for philosophy.
The muse feats on crow with philosophy, we choke on them.

Pay to the order of: The (fe)male, for the muse.
The muse is male and just as importantly, female.

Pay to the order of: Shakespeare, for characters.
Shakespeare wrote to the love muse, yet we have characters like Macbeth.

Pay to the order of: The mind, for December.
December, my mind's all cooped up, let's go make love, muse.

Pay to the order of: The professional, for the muse.
That's just what I always wanted to be: A professional muse!

Pay to the order of: The re-run, for missing muse.
That re-run is on, will we miss the muse?

Pay to the order of: The goldfish, for memories.
I am the muse and goldfish have no memory.

Pay to the order of: the coffee shop, for a mocha grande.
I go the the coffee shop, my muse is not a cafe mocha grande.

Pay to the order of: The morning, for tea.
The ice cubes in my tea melt, I wait until morning for my muse.

Pay to the order of: Declining mind, for lipstick and leather.
My declining mind applies lipstick and my muse poses in leather shorts.

Pay to the order of: Napoleon, for feathered hat.
My muse wears a large hat with a feather, one similar to Napoleon's.

Pay to the order of: The blind muse, for smokes and drinks.
I smoke, I drink, every time I blink I am worse, but I have a blind muse.

Pay to the order of: Rippled pond, for two stones.
I throw two stones in the pond, my muse ripples and I fall in.

Pay to the order of: Existence, for tomorrow.
If I don't exist tomorrow, all is not lost if my muse cries for me.

Pay to the order of: The muse, for grilled cheese.
The muse cometh--will we eat grilled cheese and drink kool-aid?

Pay to the order of: The lap, for sitting.
I am the muse, will you sit on my lap?

Pay to the order of: The post office, for love letters.
We want more love letters to arrive, my muse knows not about the post office.

Pay to the order of: The wind, for fly strips.
The fly strip waves in the wind and all I can say is fuck you, muse.

Pay to the order of: Warm nights, for crystal lights.
The muse is a crystal of light, it disappears on warm nights.

Pay to the order of: Dictionaries, for soft hands.
Lotion softens the hands of my muse, dictionaries do not define me.

Pay to the order of: The forehead, for thoughts.
We are frozen together, muse, and to bring one of us to the forehead will bare the interior of our thoughts.

Pay to the order of: The bed, for vagina.
I wait on the bed for my muse, with a finger in my vagina.

Pay to the order of: Preschools, for prisons.
Prisons fester muses, but so do preschools.

Pay to the order of: Thinking, for the muse.
I see we are both perplexed, muse, the fan says, "Yes," what will we think of next?


Anonymous said...

Yo M, this is J from Rope. Not sure where to e-mail you, so drop me a line at b_j_warner(delete_this_part) and I'll let you know what I think of your contents here! (Not for public consumption)

Also, check out -- the band I mentioned. Make sure you listen to the track "Hard 2 B EZ", one of their best tunes...

Finally, here's an actual unpublished Kerouac poem, which my friend who worked as an asst. curator on the exhibit at NYPL found in an old notebook and shared with me:


Poem for Emily Dickinson

Where did you learn love of cunt?
Where did you learn cock?



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