Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1 of the 10 million and 8 reasons why I love babysitting

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have the pleasure of taking care of two little girls: Susana, aged one and Naomi, three. Nap time for the little sister means multimedia craft extravaganza for the older girl and myself. Today's mediums of choice were pastel crayons and construction paper collages. My task was to cut the paper and Naomi pasted them on with a glue stick. When starting the first one, Naomi remarked, point-blankly, " going to be awesome!" My obvious response was, "Totally." After the construction paper was pasted, we worked together drawing all over the pages. Of course each one is made for either myself, her older brother, Julian, her little sister, or her parents. I do admit these were some of our best works yet.
Then Susana woke up and we put away the glue, pastels, and scissors and played with legos. Then Naomi popped up and ran to the craft cabinet, declaring, "I've got to draw!" So she, her sister, and myself sprawled across the floor and drew with markers. Then Naomi said, "I'm going to tell you a story, write it for me," as she stuck a marker in my hand.
Here is the dictated story and all it's wonder:

For Marissa
From Naomi S.
we're best friends and we like to play together and we love each other and we do art work because we love art work so we are nice and everybody got to be nice so we have a big house and no one can knock it down and pick it up because we have a big house that's right so this picture is for marissa that only i drawed okay so marissa has long hair and naomi has short and she used to have long hair and i wish i could be bigger and to be growed up and i wish to be i hope to be a princess.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

History and Progressive Patriotism

Well, ladies and gents,
I don't even know if anyone reads this blog but if there is someone out there I wanted to say that American History has been made. November 4th, 2008 is a day I will never, ever forget for the rest of my life. Not only was I surrounded by friends and fellow supporters of Barack Obama but I was in Brooklyn--the only city that I, as an adult, have chosen to live.
The mood was antsy yet joyous while state's tallies were released. I had never felt such excitement as I did when Ohio or Florida popped up blue. I was proud when Maryland and Colorado turned blue because I have lived in these states, and by the time Indiana became blue my mouth hurt from smiling.
But no moment can compare to when Obama had been named the elected 44th President of the United States. I was in a bar (Lazy Catfish: on Lorimer and Metropolitan in Williamsburg) that serves free beer every Tuesday from 8:30-10 (because socialism isn't always bad, especially if you don't have much money and you want to have a good time). I hugged more strangers in those five minutes after Obama became President Elect than I have in my entire life. My voice was sore from cheering for about 30 minutes. But what will really stick in my mind forever: rushing to the streets with over 100 other people to find everyone outside (in the gorgeous 60ish degree weather) laughing, crying, cheering, dancing, hooting and hollaring, chanting "OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!" Cars stopped and drivers got out, cameras flashed, and people came together in an honest, heartfelt joy for our country.
I know there are unhappy Mccainers out there and I accept that. I just hope you find it in your hearts to accept that America is trying something new because its so obvious the old road hasn't lead us anywhere proper. Some are skeptical that Obama won't follow through with his platform, but you have to give him a chance: he wants to make a change and he has the greater good of this country in his mind. He doesn't want things to be seen as black and white (especially his own ethnicity, because he is both AND HE'S AN AMERICAN CITIZEN)...he wants us to be seen as one America--together and rooting for change. Like he said, it may not be one year or one term, but what Obama is, to America, a symbol of progress, of open-mindedness, and the whole world is looking and supporting us with this choice.
100 years ago, I, as a woman, couldn't vote, 50 years ago blacks were not considered equal, and right now gay and lesbian people's rights are challenged (or ignored). Obama has given hope to all those who were/are not seen as good enough or right enough. Finally someone went up there and said, "Enough." Obama is looking out for the greater good and people should see that.
There's a new buzz phrase: "Progressive Patriotism." It means that people are more proud to be Americans because now it's an inclusive club rather than exclusive (as it was when Republicans were in charge).
All I'm asking is for progress, for a better future. Think about our new adults (me! the college students, the recently graduated), someone needs to look out for us because if we're lost then where will all the young children go? I was overwhelmed with happiness when I arrived to my babysitting job the next morning and looked at the one-year-old and three-year-old girls because I thought, you my girls can be President one day too.
Think positive and the rest will follow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Efran Delgado's 5 Words


If life really imitates art
then would I be
a Milton Avery painting--
faceless and one dimensional?
You may say so but I've never
put my passions in frames.
You can title me but
always remember
I'm ever changing.

I'll never step into a faith
with out an honest heart.
Religion mystifies
but spirituality is genuine.

Be honest with others
and yourself.
Be what you want
others to see
you as and
treat people how you want
to be treated.

I don't conduct
golden service in the house
of God,
I prefer under the sun,
among my friends.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unsent letter 2

Dear John Ashbery, in a low tide waves will hit you harder.

Sometimes, I also think we are trained to apologize, to only turn around and recognize a certain kind of beauty. Would you agree that there is more under the surface? Someone once said that it's the not knowing that keeps us alive, so there you are: "Reality. Explained."
With each step I make toward knowing, I know half as much. "Dumb clarity."
Zeno's paradox was solved the other day. Now we can go back in time, but will we fill more than one space in life? It can't be that easy, but I bet you would agree that it's all strange.

Unsent letter

Dear Wallace Stevens, can you imagine
anything into reality? After all, Plato tried,

however, he didn't believe in poetry, or its value. Apparently, up is the perfect pattern and down is merely material (from which it's cut). A mirror stands in the middle when I obtain "precise equilibrium." Is the soul unreal? Dead? Or is the concept not maintainable? "Having created something unreal. It adheres to it and intensifies its unreality." Pinocchio said, "I'm a real boy" and Nietzsche would call him a liar. The idea of nobility makes us close to God, unless you're Don Quixote and imagining nobility just makes you insane. I must recognize when I'm talking in circles, but are words not jumbles of connotative imaginings anyway?