Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samantha Smith's 5 words

Such things are tragedies

Forget the King's men
who couldn't put Humpy
back together again--
my chai tea tastes like water
yet every cube of ice is in tact.

Sitting in the space
between bribing a baby to sleep
and tricking vegetables
into her mouth.
I'm by the window in a cafe.
Looking out at Queens,
wishing I had more secrets,
then wondering why
because I wear the ones
I already have like
some cars wear scratches
and dents.

A woman's cell phone
sends techno beats into the air
and for some strange reason
she's willing to let us
become her audience.
Am I better for knowing
Nancy ruined Charlie's
surprise party?

This chatty woman
looks around to notice
there's a division between


the rest of the cafe.

She meets the eyes
of several highly caffeinated
people then
But only goes as far as
my window.

Her pacing becomes my pendulum
and despite my watered down chai
my eyes become heavy.


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