Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samantha Smith's 5 words

Such things are tragedies

Forget the King's men
who couldn't put Humpy
back together again--
my chai tea tastes like water
yet every cube of ice is in tact.

Sitting in the space
between bribing a baby to sleep
and tricking vegetables
into her mouth.
I'm by the window in a cafe.
Looking out at Queens,
wishing I had more secrets,
then wondering why
because I wear the ones
I already have like
some cars wear scratches
and dents.

A woman's cell phone
sends techno beats into the air
and for some strange reason
she's willing to let us
become her audience.
Am I better for knowing
Nancy ruined Charlie's
surprise party?

This chatty woman
looks around to notice
there's a division between


the rest of the cafe.

She meets the eyes
of several highly caffeinated
people then
But only goes as far as
my window.

Her pacing becomes my pendulum
and despite my watered down chai
my eyes become heavy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Brief Letter To My Readers:

Dear (few) Readers,

Firstly, I want to say thank you.
I am going to continue with this blog, because I have no where else to put my poetry and I do actually like writing it still.
But to be honest, I've been cheating. I'm a new contributor to It's a fashion-music-celeb-event-nightlife-type-community site. It began in Australia and now has NY blogger/contributors. It's really cute and I'm having a blast finding my fashion/pop culture based voice. I'll be doing music and event reviews as well. It's just a great jumping off point for my "freelance career." With in the next week I'll be writing up reviews for restaurant/lounges/bars/coffee shops/cafes and such which will be featured on a new website:, which is an up and coming sister site to (based out of California). I'm really excited about both because it will give me experience and exposure.
Please feel free to read my other blog:
and I'll fill you in on the Thirsty one as soon as I have more information.

Thanks all,

P.S If you hear of any job opportunities in the BK or NY area I would be very interested. VERY interested. I have receptionist/assistant experience in addition to my childcare background. I can brainstorm, edit, multi-task, organize, self-start, stay positive, write (practically) anything, and xerox like no other! So pass my name around.

P.P.S I'm also interested in any other blogs...PAID...or not. But you know...gotta make a living and such.

P.P.P.S Thanks a bunch, feel free to comment on the stuff here as well (tell me if it's crap too, I won't mind, that will make me edit).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lisa Forbes' 5 words


Do you want to play
in the cornfields
until we're breathless?
Until we're covered in dirt;
pretending for minutes
at a time
that the stalks whisper
into each other's ears
about all their outrageous
moments spent under the sun.

Then we'll curl our bodies
around the irrigation pipes
and wonder what we have
in common with seeds.
You'll say, "We're all in limbo."
And I'll say, "Except in reverse."
"Yes," you'll utter while
picking soil from your fingernails.

"A seed's life begins in the ground, ours end."

The serenity
of the swaying husks
is disturbed by a tractor.
It grindes past
and we're covering our own ears
and squinting our moist eyes.

This murder,
this debacle is witnessed
by our entire sunburned bodies.
But our tongues will water
as if we can taste
the salt and pepper flecks,
almost as if the butter
is already melting
over the kernels
that will soon
meet our teeth.

Karol Miekina (Lorak's) 5 words


i haven't put the word
in a poem since high school.
which used to not seem
so long ago
but the beginning
is closer to 10 years
now than not.

i should leave more time
for picking wildflowers
instead of letting booze
put my mind in chaotic frames.
some moments
are taped to my bedroom walls--
reminding me to live
my life by the music
and not always the mood.