Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alicia Ward's 5 words

Popping Bubbles

There once was a little girl who barely spoke. But when the word bubble popped from her mouth, smiles formed on everyone's around her.

Becoming less and less spontaneous: the coaxing and pleading echoed until she despised bubbles.

Unable to escape, they formed every where--over her feet, her chest, the cheese on her pizza, the plastic on her poncho. One day her tongue was covered by the bubbles she left unsaid.

What if she never uttered another word? Would she disappear?

Her brother would say, "I have a family minus a sister." The sun would not cast her shadow across the black streets. The sheets would no longer wrinkle under her body.

Except one day she felt an elephant fall from her lips. She spun around, fearing the ears surrounding her.

No one stopped but in the distance an outline of tusks and ears and a long trunk formed. She curled herself into a ball and floated toward the clouds. Popping like a bubble on a tree branch.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Erich Kuersten's 5 words

I used to think

(I could end the poem here
if I considered every time
I got into trouble
and gave that reason
as to why
I had done whatever
I had done to get into trouble.)

I used to think
I was diatonic
but then I found out
that I was Norwegain.
(which doesn’t really mean much
except that)
I look like an ice princess
when I wear a scarf.

The snow falls
and I’m rambunctious.
Remembering that boy
from Union Square
wondering around
with mescalin seeping
from his pours
his eyes
his mind.
A blizzard becomes us all.

I used to think
that everything
was cruicial.
No matter
how harsh a winter,
the summer is
always going to be hot.
No matter
how high a drug
makes you,
the fall is the same—
Hard and fast.

Kim Steckler's 5 words

A Piece of Fruit

When I was younger
I ate plums
All summer long.
Unrestricted juices
Flowed over my lips
Down my chin
Intrepidly onto my dresses;
Already stained
Perfectly green to match
The hills I rolled down.
Too many times
With my strawberry shortcake
Underwear exposed.
The older boys
From down the street—
As I watched the world spin.
On my face,
A tender smile
That carried me to my future.
Little did I know then
What could be used as collateral.
All I know now
Is it only takes one acidic plum
To forever ruin their appeal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

airplane poem

Those 3 Simple Words

at times, i'm a walking cliche
hell even that's trite.
what have i that no one else brings?

not for nothing

is it the same difference?
i read in a book
that wasn't so much about procreation
as it was about the loss of humanity
and the freedom of love--

which is so subjective these days
it read:

"ignorance is easier

to pull off

than ignoring."

do i agree?

kisses taste of honey today;

salt tomorrow.

i want to love
even if driven insane

but i keep
and just then.
i stop and
you see me
with my heart hanging out.
pity is the demise
and i just want


i'm willing
to take the storm
with it all.
inside and out

i love

i am loving

can you believe?

what if there are too many

moments to take back?

it's the effort that shows in the end--
there i go again
with the cliches.
i speak circles

around myself

because i don't want
to be a victim

of holding secrets.

hoping to let go

afraid of not
those 3 simple words.

second guessing but pushing on

as i visit friend's blogs i wonder why i restricted myself to poetry.

nonetheless i need to put myself back into this and get cracking on some new material.

send me words (5 at a time) any words...the less related the better and i'll generate a poem out of them....please.

side note: receiving final critique from my thesis adviser and the director of my program regarding my manuscript....then i'm ready to get down to edits and i'll be sending it out with in the next 6 months...hope for the best.

also: the pictures =
a leaf with water
a bike
toy dump truck
and a pratt sculpture.....
because it's cool