Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost is not a word, it's how we feel with you gone

Luke Siwinski:
we watched your hair
grow and mat into knots
around your face.
we forgot what you looked like,
disregarded the desires
of your jaded soul.
you couldn't see
in our world
with out her.
the music spoke
through you, to you.
we still can't listen
to that album.
the gun left its mark on the sink.
you left your mark
on the world.
we're sorry.
we miss you.

Paul Black:
you hated
the way america worked;
but wanted to learn the lies
and refuse to believe in them.
the rules, the laws--
they were not for you.
we looked to you
for the alternative answers.
we let you become more
and more
and more silent
until you sailed away
in the wind with your thoughts.
you jumped but we fell with you.
we're sorry.
we miss you.

Matthew Keesey:
laughter echoed
around you
along with your songs
of encouragement.
you knew the right steps
and always followed through.
why did your path end?
we never suspected,
never worried,
never phrased our words
in order to protect you.
we want to chop down
all the trees
so your mirror image
won't be walking
among us,
we're sorry.
we miss you.

Seraphin Bernard:
you made your life
about changing other's.
the hope you instilled
still sits in our hearts.
the smile that always
rested on your face
still lingers in our thoughts.
we waited to see
what else was to come
from your warm gestures.
so much more
you were meant to give.
but your legacy lives on.
the world will miss
your genuine soul.
we walk on the grass
our feet once shared
while your body is taken
too soon from us.
stolen by the sea.
we are so sorry.
we will always miss you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Wayne wrote
something about

the greatest sound

was that of baby

food jars opening.

Something in the way

it POPS.

I tend to agree.

At the moment

all I can hear
is a fan
and charms


on the wall because.

I would rather
listen to milk steamers.

Once I wrote
a love note
to a boyfriend;

in it I said,
"I'm thinking
about you.
As I write
while you're reading."

I wonder now,

if the only thing
you hear
are my words
in your head.

Yesterday I asked this girl
who talks too fast
to read
her favorite poem.

She slowed down.

It's been a while

My friend Marissa wrote the comment on my facebook wall and I thought the punctuation was funny so I made a little poem from it.
My favorite part is "miss riss."
It says 1st time because when I did this one I thought I would be doing more...but I doubt it know. It stands on its own.