Thursday, May 1, 2008

Different window scenes light dreams I feel what it means

I felt Brooklyn on my skin

buying cigs from the bodega window
with my pizza slice heatin'
in an oven next door

I played at the park
swingin' with free four-year-olds

saw keri russel and kept my cool
like it was normal with my
insides jumpin' and smilin'

runnin' after ice cream trucks
with a two-year-old screamin'
iiiiiicccceeee crrreeeaaammmmm!

Stoopin' it with popcicles and
catchin' five-year-olds
before stumblin' back

nannies lookin' at me like I'm
not allowed to jump and smile
me, wishin' I could relax a while

I hear alley cats screech
sirens wail
Johnny tellin' Ramone
to go to hell
walkin' home at 3 a.m.
ain't a reach

seein' road blocks and
filming sets
green screens and
smoke scenes
at the corner of Mrytle and Hall
listenin' with my hand in my pocket
rockin' it to a Badu beat
jumpin' to my ears
makin' smiles from fears

I felt Brooklyn on my skin

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I think this is sooo you!!!
Made me vicariously feel Brooklyn on my skin, thanks!